DC2K (who are they?)

If you have taken a look at the photos, then you have an idea of the sights one might behold at DragonCon. To give you a further idea, I think a list is in order. Entitle this The Things I Saw (yeah, originality is running like water from a porcelain tap this morning, let me tell you….)

Stormtroopers – Lots of them. Most of them looking like they had just walked off the set of The Empire Strikes Back, all shiny and white. Looking official and about as intimidating as a snowman with a shotgun. (Think about it long enough, it’ll give you the willies.) There seemed to be this Imperial Forces aura of fraternity. These guys in their plastic suits seemed to find each other very quickly on the first day of the Con, then for most of the remaining weekend their numbers slightly grew until Saturday saw this roving collection of Troopers, Imperial Guards (the guys in red armor), an Emperor, some Darth Mauls, a couple of Vaders (one tall, one not) and two guys dressed like the Troopers from Return of the Jedi, complete with these unwieldy landspeeders strapped between their legs, those brown air bike things that they used to zip around the California Redwoods …. er …. I mean, Endor.

Jedi – Despite any misgivings I or anyone else might have had about last years Star Wars entry (The Phantom Menace), it would appear that the life of a Jedi is a desired thing again. There were times when the concourse of the Hyatt was awash in that subdued chocolate brown of an Obi-Wan robe as parades of Jedi would make their way from one event to another. Like the Stormtroopers, they Jedi found each other quickly and congealed into a single mass. I decided while standing in line at registration (for two hours) that I would pick one of the Jedi to watch throughout the rest of the Con, just to see if the look and style would remain consistent. The little padawan (watch the movie – I think it means apprentice) looked to be about 18 or so, female, under 5 foot, dedicated enough to have cropped her black hair into that unfortunate spikey formation that afflicted Ewan McGregor in Menace, complete with rat tail braid slinking down her right shoulder. And sure enough, I did not even have to make an effort to get a daily update on the little Jedi, as she was always meandering by the information desk. The robe never left her shoulders, but it was interesting that the off-white Jedi uniform of Thursday became a t-shirt and jeans ensemble on Friday, then on Saturday night evolved into this black leather bodysuit thing. Perhaps that was her Jedi stealth outfit, but it would be better to accept that even a Jedi has to let her hair down sometimes (even if it is only an inch or so long).

Corsets -Many, many variations on the basic idea of bodily restraint and shaping. And one would think that Rennaissance Fairs have this market cornered…. think again.

Other Sights – It was a test of obscure reference. In addition to the Star Wars regulars and the Star Trek folk (Federation, Klingon, and I think the girl in blue paint with the little knobs on her forehead was an Andoran), there were various Sailor Moons, a few Poison Ivys (of Batman fame), several cavaliers (not sure why pirates are cool again…. :shrug:), a Wolverine with aluminum foil claws, other random X-men, several Doctor Whos, women that could have been comic book characters but looked like practicing dominatrices, several angels and a few faeries, Rorschach (from Alan Moore’s Watchmen series – now that is obscure), the Toxic Avenger, Princess Mononoke, and goths. Lots and lots of goths.

Man, I really need a costume…

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