crosstown move

might i humbly suggest some things. if you are going to be moving furniture and boxes over a two day period, it might be advisable to not have any dental work done. also be sure to contact your local van rental place about six or seven months in advance, as it was my experience that only one Ryder truck was available on Saturday afternoon and it was mysteriously priced at three times the going rate. now, i am not one to judge (shut up) and i would never assume that the price was a bit gouged to take advantage of the Labor Day weekend (shut up) , but it does seem a bit odd. i could also mention how the battery on the truck died during the three hours of intensive hazard-blinker action it took to unload, or i could wax eloquently about the hand truck that i paid extra for and never used… the hand truck that seemed to leap out of the back of van when we opened the door to unload… that seemed to jump at a curious angle that sent it bouncing into the path of an oncoming car. if Roland hadn’t caught it with his mutant super-human reflexes, somebody would be buying a new windshield. but i will not mention any of those things — at least not again.

another thing. Dale Carnegie might not have ever mentioned the persuasive influence of Krispy Kreme donuts, but he should have. if you need assistance moving large and unwieldy objects up stairwells and down hallways, might i suggest the humble cruller as your tool of convincing. sure, you can offer your beer, your steak dinners, your firstborn children, but if you really want your friends to help you always go with Hot Donuts Now.

this move went surprisingly smooth. the new apartment is in-town, and the change of venue is already offering its rewards. less than a day after bringing in the last of the boxes, my shelves are up and filled from end to end with my unnecessarily large collection of books and curiosities. no, i have no shrunken heads. what i do have are odd objects from various locales. a broken horseshoe i found on campus at Berry College. an uncertain scrap of metal pipe that came from my father’s work. a thimble-shaped piece of green glass from atop a turn of the century electrical post. the black iron business end of a broken pike. a teacup that a director from Berry gave me and the props master for The Importance of Being Earnest (i think it was meant as an example of the kind of teaset she wanted and perhaps we were supposed to return it to her). photos of grandparents, great-grandparents.

and then there are the books. i have said before that a home is not a home until you can sit up in your bed and find yourself surrounded by the books you enjoy and could not live without. i guess the new place is already home.

to round out the holiday weekend, i found myself back at Eddie’s Attic last night. another benefit of the move, Decatur downtown is now only five miles or so from my apartment. i went to support my friend Geoffrey as he braved the stage for Open Mic night. it was great to see him sing his songs, songs that i have heard many times before, songs that i can hum with words i can mouth, doing my best to give him as much projected courage as possible.

also at the Open Mic were Russell Wolff and Christina Abbott. i left Eddie’s with Christina’s CD in hand. her music is reminiscent of other bands i admire (Fleming & John, the now defunct Soul Miner’s Daughter), with a voice that bends and curves around her words with audible smiles. a line that i keep repeating to myself and belting in the car:

hold on… you don’t wanna miss this
love’s a sticky business,
and i get stuck all the time

she has a website where you can purchase her CD. the cost is not much at all, and i can tell you with some confidence that you will feel better spending your money on good music, honestly-made than on any of the machine made pablum that seems to be multiplying so rapidly and rabidly.

there was also a great duo that sang about finding Jesus in a snowglobe at a truck stop in Memphis. the line that got me was: “i know my Jesus died for me/ that snowy night on Calvary.”

well, one can only waste time updating their website for so long, and the Louis Prima on the MP3 player is actually inspiring me to get up and do some real work.

funny, but when you’re near me… zoom-zooma-zooma….


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