the things we keep, pt. 1

the things we keep define us. or so i have been told.

i have been a packrat for as long as i can remember, leaving drawers full of items that mean nothing to all but me. that carries on to now. and i keep these stacks of letters, cards, clippings and tickets. ticketmaster tickets.

these say a lot about how my musical tastes have evolved.

Aerosmith - UTC Arena 1990Angie Aparo - Cotton Club 2000Ani Difranco - Tabernacle 1998Ani Difranco - The Fox Theatre 2000Amy Grant 1988Amy Grant 1991

Alanis Morissette - Chastain 1998B52s / Pretenders - Lakewood 1998Big Head Todd - Roxy 1997Dar Williams - Variety Playhouse 2000David Copperfield - Tivoli 1989David Wilcox - Variety Playhouse 1996

David Wilcox - Variety Playhouse 1997David Wilcox - Variety Playhouse 1996Jimmy Buffet - Lakewood 1996Jimmy Buffet - Lakewood 1997Lilith Fair - Lakewood 1997Madame Butterfly - The Fox Theatre 1996

Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Roxy 1997Oasis - Fox Theatre 1998Orchestra Morphine - Masquerade 2000Vigilantes of Love featuring Over the Rhine - Masquerade 1994Petra - Memorial Auditorium 1985 - First ConcertPetra - Tivoli 1987

Petra - Memorial Auditorium 1990Paula Cole - Cotton Club 1997Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera - Tivoli 1990Gary Morris / Sawyer Brown - Memorial Auditorium 1987 Sarah McLachlan with The Chieftains - Lakewood 1995Sarah McLachlan - Fox Theatre 1997

Tori Amos -  Fox Theatre 1996Tori Amos - Symphony Hall 1994 - Front Row, CenterTori Amos - Chastain 1996Tori Amos - Classic Center Athens 1996


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