within hearing distance

it’s rather daunting when you look at it this way. i have just over 83 hours of mp3s, and that’s just what i have on my hard drive alone. about three and a half days. this is not counting the mp3s i have gathered over the last four years and burned to CD-R for so-called safe keeping. but music is just such an important part of my life, even the not-so-good is still worth the hearing, just to know you’ve heard it. songs can teach from the most unlikely of sources and very few people will have a neutral opinion about what they like or what they will turn off.

for your consideration. the current audio contents of my hard drive. peruse and comment as you will.

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  1. No no Zip it’s all there..in the music..There even in songs you never would have imagined all 83 hours of it..

  2. I am referring to the fact that there are 6 songs from NSync and even one song from Britney in that mix. That’s just sad. But the worst violation of all has to be the fact that there is not ONE SINGLE SONG by the Beatles listed. Zip gently weeps.

  3. let me jump in here and say a thing or three…1. please remember that these are the current mp3s on my hard drive, ones downloaded or ripped in the last three months or so. 2. not all songs are downloaded because i want to listen to them at leisure, as i might have other, more sinister purposes for them (case in point: nsync’s presence). 3. the beatles are not listed because i own them on CD and/or vinyl. some music is just worth spending your hard-earned cash…

  4. Don’t give me that! You’re a die hard NSync fan, aren’t you? DON’T DENY IT!!!

  5. I was thinking that in the shower. WAIT the stuff Thomas really likes he says he purchases on CD so therefore is that 83 hours of music you find ok to “steal” Then I saw Ozzy Osbourne I mean alot of Ozzy..That show is awesome..Support Ozzy Buy a CD..Britney Well *looks around.. One night on AIM Thomas said he was downloading INSYNC and said I should dload a song also. While I was in Gnucleas I downloaded Britney too I mean if your going to do it might as well go all the way right? Plus ONE Britney song isn’t that bad..Still don’t know how I fell about Insync though I like the Backstreet Boys better. *giggles

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