rediscovering the abbott

it has been over two years since i mentioned her on this site, so long ago that i cannot even find the original post. i was doing the daily postings by hand back then, hard-coding them into html each and every time, so the disappearance doesn’t surprise me. just to bring you up to speed, there was an open mic shootout at eddie’s attic back a couple of years ago. i was there to support a friend’s performance. the acts got up, did their thing and sat back down. none of them really amazed me. my friend did a couple of songs, numbers i knew by heart after hearing them so many times before, but he was uncharacteristically nervous and that probably affected his score. somewhere in the mix was this girl and her bald friend. a girl and a guitar. christina abbott. she did two songs and just blew me away. an incredible voice singing these heart-rending lyrics about the simplest of things.

hold on, you don’t want to miss this
love’s a sticky business
and i’m stuck all the time
like a bug trapped in a streetlight
under the moonlight
so hey, won’t you sing me to sleep?

yeah, they seem childish, just sitting here with no guitar chords to support them, no voice to sing them, but it was just phenomenal. i stopped her on the way out and asked if she had any cds or tapes of anything. she said yes, they had one six-song EP, but only one, and i could have it for $10. i gave her my money and she said thanks, saying i had just paid for their gasoline to get to their next gig.

so i hadn’t heard much from her since then. she used to keep a yahoo group and would update it from time to time, but nothing has been posted there in months or years. but on a lark i looked up her name on google and it looks like she’s doing alright. she has a full band now and a new album is due before too long. her website has been updated with recent concert photos and there are even a couple of mp3s to download. with any luck, she’ll find time to swing through atlanta again, but you owe it to yourself to give her your attention. in an audio era full of cookie-cutter boy bands and too much whiteboy-rap-metal, christina abbott is the good stuff.

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  1. Funny you wrote about her today. I pulled that CD out of an unorganized stack just the other day. I had not listened to it in months and months. She really is an amazing song writer. I am glad to hear she is doing better than traveling from town to town and changing clothes in a run down car.

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