this is the emm to hear

chances are, you’ve not heard a thing about her. this is another one of those that would probably fly just below your radar, unfortunately drowned out by the latest nu-metal idiocy polluting the local airwaves, or just not alternative enough to garner a collegiate notice. her name is emm gryner. not emma, just emm, and you can learn more about her right here. once you’ve read a little, you can consider a purchase at her own record label – she’s not just an artist, she’s the president. and another thing, she does some cover songs, but not your typical sounds-like-the-original cover songs. she calls them girl versions, and they’re incredible. did i mention she keeps an online journal?

want another? got room in your ears for more candy? try this one: holcombe waller. a san francisco native that cites ani difranco and jeff buckley as his primary influences (while sounding not exactly like either of them) is certainly worth a click or two, eh?

3 responses to “this is the emm to hear”

  1. You don’t have a CD Burner? You’re so 1998. I’ll bet you’re still using light bulbs and door knobs, too.

  2. Hehehe no I have moved on to telepathically opening doors and lighting things with the flames that shoot out of my eyes.. *giggles. No I don’t have a cd burner but I know Thomas does..Now to devise a plan of bribery..MWAHAHAHAHAA!

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