Where Is Hampton Bay?

There are two Hampton Bays.

One is a lovely harbor in Virginia, nestled right up against the better-known Chesapeake Bay. Actually, it’s called Hampton Roads Bay, but two words out of three is close enough. Who needs “roads” in their bay, anyway?

The other is a brandmark found on everything from ceiling fans to faucets, from kitchen sinks to wall sconces. What all of these items have in common is that they can only be purchased at Home Depot. This is key. So when I needed to contact the good people at Hampton Bay to replace a broken globe on a lighting fixture, the route I took was surprisingly convoluted. Since I bought it at Home Depot, I called the Home Depot. “Need to replace a broken globe,” I said. You’ll have to call Hampton Bay, he replied. Fine.

Hampton Bay’s Catalog Line: 1-888-841-1350.

I called Hampton Bay’s Catalog Line. My call was answered quickly and there wasn’t a second of holdtime. An overly pleasant voice on the other end welcomed me to the Hampton Bay Catalog Line, so I said, “Need to replace a broken globe.” “Oh, I’m sorry, sir … did you purchase that at Home Depot?” Yes. I did. But the Catalog Line doesn’t service items purchased at Home Depot. I will have to contact Hampton Bay Customer Support.

Hampton Bay Customer Support: 1-877-527-0313

I called Hampton Bay Customer Support. This time, I landed on hold. I was only there for a minute, but the hold music was familiar. This little acoustic guitar riff led into a violin arc, followed by a man’s voice, assuring me that I could do it and they could help. Hmm. As I was pondering, the operator answered. He had questions. Name, phone number, address … then finally he asked how he could help. I said, “Need to replace a broken globe.” “Oh, that’s too bad, sir … do you have the UPC code?” I did. I gave it to him. He looked it up and told me that they couldn’t give or sell me a replacement globe, but that he would give me a phone number for the product’s actual vendor. Luckilly, this vendor is in the 404 area code.

So tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be heading over to Marietta to pick up a $10 chunk of opal frosted glass, after talking to four different people from basically the same company. Hampton Bay is a registered trademark of Homer TLC, Inc. Homer TLC, Inc. is a holding company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. Therefore, Hampton Bay is Home Depot.

I think.


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  1. The stakes for my solar lights have bent causing the lights to lean over. Has anyone found replacements for these?

  2. Problem finally solved. Hopefully, this will help someone else:

    Bought 2 Hampton Bay Fans(The Pearl, Model 178-210) in ’97 from Home Depot. Three years ago, one of my son’s friends decided to throw a toy in the air, shattering the glass screw-on globe. At the time, armed with the Manufacturer name, UPC and SKU numbers, I tried getting the piece through Home Depot. Home Depot patched me along to King of Fans, who told me at the time that they believed the piece was no longer manufactured. King of Fans gave me a few other leads, all which were dead ends.

    Recently tried searching again, and finally found a company who helped me obtain the glass screw-on globe from China at a cost of $50. Not cheap, but worth it considering how difficult it was to find the piece and how much more costly (and silly) it would be to replace the fan just for aesthetic purposes.

    Cool Breezes
    1335 W. Campbell Road
    Richardson, TX 75080
    Contact: Floretta
    Tel: (972) 690-4580

    Note, Cool Breezes did not have the piece, but with the SkU and UPC codes, Floretta was able to speak with her contact and order the piece. Once she received it and confirmed it seemed correct, it was then that she sold it to me.

    Good Luck.

  3. Thank you everyone for posting phone numbers. I have a Hampton Bay lighting problem. I have been rerouted to the Expo and hopefully they will have the part. The Home Depo employee called me back two times and was very helpful.I thought this was a dead end regarding the light fixture.

  4. My ceiling fan glass globe was broken by my boys! I have been searching for a replacement for a long time. I have a Southwind V 52″ Hampton Bay so I was directed to King of Fans 1-800-330-3267. Thanks for the help!

  5. So grateful to have found this website. I lost a cap screw to a white exterior wall lantern #250 399. I called one of the Hampton phone numbers. A very friendly & polite lady named Gail answered right away; found they are no longer doing business with the company who made this product; no parts available. Gail suggested I check H.Depot for the parts. I had already checked, in the lighting dept. She thought the part might be in the hardware isle. She put me on hold and called my local H.Depot store. I was told to stop by the special order desk and talk to a store employee “expeditor” named Barb who will help me locate the part in the store. I hope it’s the correct part I need. Wish me luck!

  6. I have a Hampton Bay fan that the chain broke off of the three speed switch. I tried replacing the switch, but now we have Low, High, High, High (not exactly convenient). Of course, the wires are not your standard colors either (purple, orange, yellow, black instead of red, blue, black, white).

    I spoke with our local Home Depot (as I was told to do) and they said to call an electrician and/or the manufacturer, but didn’t have a number for me to call.

    Thanks to this post, I called the number you provided, was issued a support ticket number and transferred over to King of Fans (1-800-330-3267) where they said it was under warranty and I should receive a part in about five days at no charge.

    Thank you, again, for this post.

  7. I need replacement fan blade screws for a Hampton Bay fan. After reading this blog I called Hampton Bay Customer Support at 1-800-330-3267. They offered to send me new screws free of charge – 7-10 business days. That’s not bad – if they actually deliver. We’ll see.

  8. I have to say I was very impressed with Hampton Bay’s customer service. My fan arrived with no fan blade screws. I called Customer Support at 800.330.3267 and they sent me new screws without any hassle. Sent them by mail (to Canada at $2.60 postage, which they paid out of their own pocket).

    Good work, Hampton Bay!

  9. One call to Hampton Bay 1-877-527-0313 was all it took to procure a replacement glass shade for model 178-210 (The Pearl). Ena in Customer Service was helpful and polite – the whole process took less than 10 minutes & supposedly my glass is on its way from Ceiling Fans USA in Glendale, Arizona.

  10. this sucks. i called this number given in this blog, 800-841-1350, and it asks if you are calling for replacement parts to press 1. it then transfers to the 877-527-0313 number, where none of the automated options asks about replacement parts, and if you don’t select one of the irrelevant options in about 5 seconds it hangs up. i then tried800-330-3267 number and was told the wait was over 20 minutes. guess i will try again when i have more time. not much hope..

  11. so last year, my wife and i bought two flush mounted flourescent fixtures for our kitchen.
    last week, the bracket that holds the tubes in place broke, dropped the tube and broke the globe.
    i tried getting a replacenet globe and glue the bracket, but ended in frustration. i went to home depot to buy a new fixture, so as to have a new, matching fixture. on the way out of the store, i stopped at the service desk and asked if the rep had a minute for a sad story. bottom line, i was given a new fixture, at no charge, and asked only to bring back the part that failed. way to go, home depot !!

  12. Thank you so much for posting on this blog. I bought the Hampton Bay outdoor wall lanterns for my home. While changing the light bulb, my boyfriend broke the glass globe. I checked Google for Hampton Bay and came up with this blog. Most of you are wonderful people sharing this information for the rest of us. I called the 800 number listed, talked with a C/S rep named Candis who was most helpful. She told me my globe was manufactured by Excel in Canada. She said they were closed on the weekend and she would call them within 72 hrs. and conference me in with the manufacturer. I also have a ticket number and feel the customer service was very helpful and so far had a good experience.
    Good luck to the rest who have Hampton Bay replacement problems.

  13. After going around from one 800 number to another I finally got a very nice customer service rep named Belinda at Air Cool 1-800-896-4908 that was able to solve my problem finding a replacement globe for my Hampton Bay 50in. Gazebo Plus ceiling fan that I purchased thru HomeDepot.com She asked me for the UPC# and she was able to locate the globe for me, they will be shipping that out today at no charge. So I think I was lucky, let’s hope it’s not broken when I get it.
    Thank you to all the people that posted good information on this blog.

  14. I took a broken globe back to the store and they just opened a new one gave me the part and sent that one back internally to get it repaired. Can’t do much better than that.

  15. i bought 3 pendant lights for my kitchen and the tranformers already burn out the sku number are 619-869. they cost me 50.00 each and the box said satisfaction guananteed. NOW WHAT?

  16. this is my third attempt to contact this company to replace my glass blub, have not received as yet. 1st attempt ws on 11/2, 2nd ws on 11/13, 3rd is 11/24, i believe this is too many times. i spoke twice to a shakeira who says will be shipped still hav not. almost fells like the run around…i need this replc now please, the rep has my fax of the receipt-please respond asap–thanks

  17. I have a HB Alchemy ceiling fan/light which has non-functioning remote or receiver.
    Will I be able to get either or both of those under warranty from HD?
    Or, how do I tell which of the two is broken?

  18. HAHAHA…this is actually happening to me right now. I’m on hold with the operator, and Also I originally talked to a Hampton Bay employee 1 month and a half ago, and she told me they were sending me a replacement for the broken globe. I am calling again because I’m still waiting.

  19. I just bought the HB Altura 68 in. ceiling fan from Home Depot. While I know this was not a high speed fan the blade rotation looks painfully slow and I can’t believe it moves almost 9,000 cfm of air. So, after reading the owners manual again for the 4th time without finding any standard RPM rating I called help number included (800-283-6513). This is for King of Fans, gpwarranty.com. After a 5 minute wait the service person told me in disgust to my question: High speed is 70 rpm, Med-40, & Low-20. Mine is running a little less that this but could have saved me the insult by just having the copy-writer put this in the manual.

  20. I have the same problem….knocked over the lamp removing the Christmas Tree! Lamp is okay, globe is broken. Could you share the vendor's name in the 404 area code?

  21. I have a broken glass front on a light fixture. Did you find out the vendor in the 404 area code?

  22. Globe Glass on Hampton BAY FANS is too thim and will crack as you look at it lots of problems with thier Glass on the FANS go to LOWES

  23. I’m searching for a globe now. They still sell the fan so it’s probably easier for me to buy the fan, swap the globes and take the fan back. Not the most honest way but is easy.

  24. Extraordinary designs, features and several advantages over other fans make Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans- choice of millions. If you have ever been to The Home Depot, they might have caught your eyes as well.

  25. =/ I need to replace the globe as well.  It broke when I shook out a blanket which hid the cast iron pull flinging it up and ultimately shattering the glass.

  26. se quemó el motor cuando la tormenta irene de mi abanico de techo hamilton bay,quiero saber la dreccion a la cual debo mandarlo ,en la tienda por departamento Home Deport me dijeron q tiene garantia.Espero su respuestas lo mas pronto posible   Gracias

  27. I  need a mounting bracket for an Ascot II  model 4747-608.  Any ideas?

  28. I needed a replacement globe from a ceiling fixture I purchased from Home Depot. Went to the store to get the upc code only to be told someone would have to call me back with that info. The next day I received the upc code and phone number to call and order it.  Of course that was the wrong number but that customer service person was able to give me the correct one. Called that number only to find out that the replacement globe cost more than the entire fixture.  That will be the last time I purchase a light fixture from Home Depot.  They just lost a very dedicated customer.

  29. we need a brackett for fan blade that holds it to the the motor its a 52″ceiling fan nassau model#129909 thank you any questions call Mary at 317-522-3011


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