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Nice day outside, eh? Pity you’re stuck in here. I mean, wherever here is, you’re there. And where you are is probably not the same as being out there. Unless, of course, you’re sitting on the deck or patio of some techno-forward thinking bar or coffee shop. Only then could you actually be here and there at the same exact time.

Wherever your there is, do me the favor of downloading this little bit of digitized spring fever.

“Put Your Hands On Me”, from Joss Stone’s new album (her third) entitled Introducing Joss Stone.


I can’t say much about Joss Stone, other than it would appear that the British tabloid press is terribly upset that the precious little (though tall) blonde girl from Devon is growing up without their express permission. Their loss, I suppose.

Stone’s latest album is better than I expected. Far better. Part of the goodness comes from her voice, a powerhouse she unleashes with impunity. But a lot of the credit is due her producer, Raphael Saadiq (from Tony! Toni! Tone!), who said that he went about this project the same way he’d have produced an album for Aretha Franklin or Al Green in their prime. That’s some powerful inspiration.

So get it. Crank it up. Go outside.

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