Sun Daze Cool – Summer Mix 2007

It’s mix time again.


Sun. Daze. Cool. 2007.

1. “Phat Beats?” – dialogue from the film, Human Traffic / “Know How” – Young M.C.
2. “Our New National Anthem” – Donnie
3. “Funky President” – James Brown
4. “Shameless (Live)” – Ani DiFranco
5. “Supermassive Black Hole” – Muse
6. “That’s Enough” – Brother John Witherspoon
7. “Can I Get A Witness” – Owen Gray
8. “Tell Me Why” – Salem Al Fakir
9. “ABC’s of Love” – Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
10. “Magnificient Sanctuary Band” – Donny Hathaway
11. “Long Time Coming” – Leela James
12. “Krooked Kop” – Anthony David
13. “All Day Love Affair” – Cee-Lo
14. “Love Endeavour” – Alice Smith
15. “Come On Home Blues (Live)” – Jennifer Nettles
16. “Harlem” – Bill Withers
17. “Can’t Let Go” – Lucinda Williams
18. “Everyone’s In Love With Everyone” – Will Kimbrough / “We wave goodbye.” – dialogue from the film, Human Traffic
19. “Burnin’ Love” – Mother’s Finest

This mix was built originally as a birthday present for a pair of wonderful friends, their special days about a week apart in July. As with any mix, what started as a simple stack of good music soon became a better than (I) expected summer-themed collection. Admittedly, it takes some odd turns. More than once, we swerve into gospel territory. There are a couple of excursions into politics, some bluesy pseudo-country, as well as an excavation into the early history of pop/rock. This is a continuous mix, so to get the full good effect, your best course of action is to listen to the entire thing, in order, at least once.

The mix will be available for the next seven days, split into two ZIP’d files.

Sun.Daze.Cool.2007 (Part 1 of 2)

Sun.Daze.Cool.2007 (Part 2 of 2)

The second ZIP file contains an M3U (playlist) file for the entire mix.

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  • Brilliant mix; I’ll be downloading these Zips when I get home. The best ones always stray into different genres.