Better Make It Good

The new Over The Rhine album is out today. The Trumpet Child. “Trouble” is track two. I’ve had it (legally!) since Saturday afternoon, but the weekend prevented me from listening and enjoying until today. I’ve loved this band for so long, maybe fifteen years by now, but I don’t think they’ve sounded ever so good as they do now. As always, they’re musically unclassifiable — though this album does have a sonic kinship to One From The Heart, right down to a very direct reference to Mr Tom Waits himself. Karin’s voice has rarely been so confident and strong. And lyrically, Linford Detweiller glides effortlessly from the sacred to the profane and back again, dipping by necessity into the political, tying it all together in the only way that makes sense.

Basically, its albums like this that make me miss writing music reviews. Because this review would glow.

Over The Rhine will be on tour soon, swinging through Atlanta in the middle of October with Rosie Thomas. To make their visit all the more tempting, they’ll be at Eddie’s Attic.

For now, just listen. Then buy if you feel the spirit move you.

If you came to make some trouble
Better make it good
Your sexy cocktail hour stubble
Is doing what it should
Looks may be sweet and subtle
I think it’s trouble honey
I think it’s good
If you came to make trouble
Make me a double honey
I think it’s good

Over The Rhine – “Trouble”

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