Muxing About

Teh Mux0r!

So … I made one of those MuxTapes.

Tony — an inspiration to all, living or dead — made one a few weeks ago, so it was just a matter of time before I made my own attempt. How was it? Not bad, though I’m not sure if I’ll be doing another anytime soon. The resultant UI is dead simple and perfectly functional, but the uploading of each track is a time-sink, one after another one after another one. Would it be better with a means of mass uploading? Sure it would, provided there was only a single MuxTaper. But enough about the how … what matters is the what.

These eleven tracks are either new to me or that have sparked a renewed interest. Had I been a bit less busy, a lot of these would’ve been offered already as Obscuriosities — an idea to which I will be returning sooner or later, though maybe not in the form I employed originally.

I thought about doing a full rundown, track-to-track, but it might be better to just let this MuxTape ride out with very little explanation. The bookends are rather eclectic, the heart is very hip-hop heavy and the tail is an unexpected cover that ought to be a novelty, but turns out far better than expected … possibly better than the original.

If I had to pick a single track to highlight, I’d go with Coultrain’s “Endangered Species” — which makes for an interesting response to the call of Marvin’s “You’re The Man.” Coultrain is an indie R&B/soul artist, camping out on MySpace and selling his debut CD via PayPal for ten bucks a pop (including postage). Best ten dollars I’ve spent this year.

So check it out. Let me know what you think.

Or just go make your own.


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