El Pew Ock De Doe Eight?

Did you know that you can download the latest Gnarls Barkley album for free? Legally, with Cee-Lo’s and Danger Mouse’s blessing? You can.

Of course, I should mention that the version being freely offered is presented as a single track that lasts about 38 minutes and change.

Oh, and its in reverse.

The whole thing.

Call it Elpuoc Ddo Eht.

Why? I’ve no idea. Maybe they’re just showing off, illustrating that even played backwards, Danger Mouse’s production work is a thing of rhythmic beauty. Or perhaps Cee-Lo has placed secret messages here and there. All I know is that I’ve listened to about ten minutes of it and have yet to reach for the iPod in terror.

How does it sound? Pretty cool, actually. The percussion is the most disconcerting element, but Cee-Lo’s vocals are positively hypnotic. I wouldn’t recommend listening while driving, but for chilling or getting some work done, I’d pick this over a lot of other artists’ offerings.

(And I suppose, if someone wanted to be truly enterprising, they could download the freely given Elpuoc Ddo Eht, drag the file into Audacity, reverse it back, then split the whole thing into its thirteen original and separate tracks. Voila, free original album … albeit, after a whole lot of time and trouble.)

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