iTunes Music Store: Now With More Fail

Tags galore.

Dear iTunes Music Store —

Thank you for making The Roots Rising Down immediately available for download.

Now don’t get mad, but I have to admit that you were my second choice. For reasons I don’t quite understand, you beat Amazon’s to the release line. Rising Down might be available for mp3 download on Amazon some day, but I was ready to make an immediate purchase. And so, my money went to you, iTunes.

But this morning, iTunes Music Store, you have disappointed me. I was looking forward to enjoying Rising Down during my morning commute, but what I heard was odd and disjointed. Admittedly, this is The Roots we’re talking about here. They’re known for being complex, for taking risks and doing the unexpected, but even the most adventurous artists would refrain from dropping a bonus track into the middle of their tracklist. So what happened?

In a pair of words, what happened was “bad tags.”

When I dragged and dropped Rising Down from my iTunes to my iPod, the tracks arranged themselves out of order. This can only happen if the audio files are poorly or incompletely tagged. Bad show, iTunes Music Store. I’m not saying you committed a cardinal sin here, but posting an album with bad tags on dear, departed OiNK could’ve gotten a user banned.

Luckily, the iPod has the oft forgotten On-The-Go playlist function, so after referring to the tracklisting on Amazon (!), I’ve made a temporary playlist with the tracks in the right order. Now, the album progresses as it should. One track builds on the next.

And “Birthday Girl” — the eye-roll inducing collaboration with Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump — is now at the far end of the album where it can be avoided entirely.



(Neato price tag image found on illustrator Glen Mullaly’s blog, then cropped to suit.)

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  1. I think it’s weird what they do with music files. I don’t like the fact that they aren’t mp3s first of all, but I can’t stand it when it won’t find the album art because it isn’t tagged/filled out EXACTLY as iTunes has it.


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