Avoiding That Rhetorical Bermuda Triangle

Jay Smooth is the host of WBAI’s Underground Railroad and maintains the IllDoctrine video-blog. In his latest video, he offers advice of a quality rarely heard these days, much less in a YouTube video. His topic: How to Tell People They Sound Racist.

Now I’m wondering, is this advice transferable to other similar conversations? Does the tactic of focusing on “What They Did” instead of “What They Are” work when you need to tell someone that what they’re doing or saying is misogynistic? Sexist? Condescending? Insulting? Or just plain idiotic?

I think it does.

Update: I meant to mention that I spotted this at Harry “Media Assassin” Allen’s blog. And now I have.

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  • It is totally transferrable. Actually my “notes” post from yesterday was partially inspired by this video but I forgot to mention that. It’s useful and important in the necessary work of calling out:

    * Racism
    * Sexism
    * Homophobia
    * Transphobia
    * Ableism
    * Ageism
    * Classism
    * Bias against sex workers

    …and the list goes on and on!!

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  • Great video! Thanks for sharing it.