Four Years Later: Where Are They Now?

Four years ago this week, the Atlanta Journal Constitution saw fit to include a profile of Atlanta’s northerly suburban bloggers in their newly introduced Northside supplement. I was one of them (though in retrospect, their selection process was sketchy at best). The Northside supplement is no longer with us (neither is the online version of the article*), but it might be a good time for a Northside Blogger “Where Are They Now?”

I’m still here, obviously. I’ve never been entirely comfortable with the assessment that my bloggin’ voice is “quiet, bemused and kind.” Also, I’ve never gotten around to reading any Walker Percy for comparison’s sake. But all the same, it was and is an honor to have been listed.

Steve Huff remains a busy fellow. His blog at Planet Huff is defunct, as he has delegated his bloggery according to various interests. His tenacious true crime reporting can be found at (the very literally titled) True Crime Report. He shares the submitted spookiness of our everyday world at Anomaly Report. He’s the blogger-behind-the-curtain for comedian (and “The State” alum) Michael Ian Black. And his personal blog is at Random Lunatic News.

Jeremy Simpson’s Str8jacket blog celebrated its own fourth anniversary back in March and is still going strong. Recent topics have included the FairTax, Chipmunk theme songs and the forgotten merits of Chris Elliot’s foray into television sitcoms.

Kelley Martin-Gadberry’s SuburbanBlight blog appears to have gone by the wayside. Chances are good that she’s still out there somewhere, perhaps with a re-titled BlogSpot or Typepad blog, but the crumbs left behind at her old URL lead only to search engine oblivion — which is why I’m not linking it here. Kelley, if you’re out there, best of luck …

Tony Simon of abides. The frequency of his bloggerations has diminished somewhat, but no matter. Tony’s mystic powers of observation remain as keen as ever. Nobody is better at making business travel and lawn care spit-your-morning-coffee hilarious. His last entry was in June, but those who need their meantime fix can give a listen to the Sub-Optimal Beercast.

Michael Earls of is still geeking out on Linux and the like, though in the last week he left his domain behind for the ease of a hosted WordPress solution. No word yet if he’ll be importing his five years of archived posts to the new location, but he really should.

So there we are.

What this tells me, of course, is that time marches on with us or without us. It reminds me also that I’ve been a “better” blogger before than I am now, one that was far more prolific, more likely to throw together a post of epic term-paper-length proportions. But before I get too maudlin about it, I take comfort in knowing just why my blogging has shifted. Life is different now. Better. Blogging is no longer my only creative outlet — Romeo & Juliet opens next week, by the way. I’ve a job that satisfies me more than any previous occupation has.

So today, on this particular and peculiar anniversary, upon these thoughts my mind rests.

And how are you?

* – If you missed it, here’s a PDF of the article, complete with photos.

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  • I’m still waiting for that last Love and Doctors post…

    *le sigh*

  • Thanks for the update. I never saw the article because it was in the special section that I didn’t receive. Thanks for the link to the PDF!

    I tried importing my blog entries into WordPress, but it has a limited number of blog engines to import from. Hopefully, I can find a way. I hate to lose it all, but so much time has passed that it renders many of the links outdated.

    Thanks for everything, The link is much appreciated.

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  • This is SO WEIRD. I was just thinking of this today.

    I have a lot of synchronicity/zeitgest/serendipity/oddness in my life.

  • THANKS for this update, man! Wow — it seems like a long 4 years, after re-reading the article and your post. Actually, I blog for a living now, and have pretty much been writing for a living since 2005 — my blogging led to some offers and in utter amazement, I took ’em. My True Crime Report (yes, terribly literal title — not mine) is published by Village Voice Media, same folks who publish the Voice and 17 other alt-weeklies nationwide. I had to go back to using Movable Type for the first time since I wrapped the first blog (PlanetHuff), but I’ve managed. Still in Roswell, still seeing ghosts in butternut every now and then.