So As To Provide For

Few things are as unsettling as those last few minutes of casting your vote. You’ve selected your principal candidates, perhaps a judge here and there, and now you’re face-to-typeface with a sea of legalese. You knew they’d be there, but you just didn’t find the time to do the research. Now you have to make an intelligent decision without the education to back it up.

I’m talking about amendments to our state Constitution. This year, Georgia voters will be asked to consider the merits of three different concerns. Just a simple yes or no will do.

These amendments are summarized thusly:

  1. An Amendment to encourage the preservation of Georgia’s forests through a conservation use property tax reduction program.
  2. An Amendment to authorize local school districts to use tax funds for community redevelopment purposes.
  3. An Amendment to authorize the creation of special Infrastructure Development Districts providing infrastructure to underserved areas.

Obviously, these summaries are sorely lacking in context and history, and not by accident. (Who doesn’t love trees!?!) If you’d like to read more details about what each amendment will entail, I encourage you to download the handy brochure from Georgia’s Secretary of State’s office. (It’s a PDF.)

Once you’ve given it a read or two — and chased the doing so with a couple of Advil — head on over to GriftDrift’s blog. He’s started walking through the three amendments, one after another. As of this afternoon, he’s posted an introductory summary and his take on amendment number one.

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