The Top Twenty Albums of 2008 (15 Through 11)

The list continues.

  1. Al Green – Lay It Down
  2. Flying Lotus – Los Angeles
  3. Murs – Murs for President
  4. Danielia Cotton – Rare Child
  5. Keziah Jones – Nigerian Wood

#15. Al Green – Lay It Down

Reverend Al allowed himself to get back to his roots for this one. Is Lay It Down as simply brilliant as 1974’s I’m Still in Love with You? Not quite, but this is certainly a return to form for the man who brought us “Love and Happiness” and believed every word of it.

#14. Flying Lotus – Los Angeles

He’s been described as the Burial of L.A. Burial’s Untrue was one of my favorites of 2007 and I’ve spent so much of 2008 looking for anything remotely like it. Los Angeles is the only release to even come close.

#13. Murs – Murs for President

Is Murs is to hip hop as Senator Barack Obama is to American politics? Maybe so. Tired of too much Auto Tune? Too much blinged-out crunk? Too many Soulja Boys and Lil Waynes? Vote Murs for a new tomorrow. Also, Murs is one of a few artists in 2008 who understood the value in letting your audience have a healthy taste of your product before asking them to put real money down. A few months prior to the release of Murs for President, Murs & producer 9th Wonder offered their Sweet Lord album for download in exchange for little more than an e-mail.

#12. Danielia Cotton – Rare Child

I’ve already had my say about this one.

#11. Keziah Jones – Nigerian Wood

You’ve never heard of Keziah Jones, but you should. Keziah Jones invokes the Afro-beat sound and fury of the late and lamented Fela Kuti in a way that escapes even the efforts Kuti’s own children. Kind of like Peter Gabriel, back in his touring prime, but somehow different and maybe better. If we’re all lucky, the powers-that-be will decide to release Nigerian Wood in the US sometime in 2009. As it is, the best you can do is either expensively import the CD or listen to what you find online.

(Did you miss 20 through 16?)

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