Thou Shalt Have Thy LOLs

Coming Soon (January 2009), originally uploaded by northfultondramaclub.

So, I’m in a play. Not directing this time. I’m in this one. Playing a part I should know well enough: myself. The show is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) — basically, all 37 plays performed by three actors in about 90 minutes.

My co-stars are Stephen Banks and Zip Rampy — seen together during our Spring 2008 production of Midsummer. We’re being directed by Jim Dailey, another refugee from Midsummer‘s Tinker Town. Rehearsals have been hilariously awesome so far.

We’re doing a four week run, split between two houses. The first two weeks will be at Cumming Playhouse in the city of the same name. The last two will be at Kudzu Playhouse in Roswell. More information is readily available at the NFDC blog, or on Facebook, or (presumably) on the websites for each of the two theatres.

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