Ficlets No More

We’re sorry to inform you that on Jan. 15, 2009, Ficlets will be shut down permanently.

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear — shouldn’t AOL have the means to maintain a simple social network for micro-writing? — the flash fiction site with an adorable name is going the way of the do-do and the Kozmo. As AOL suggests in their press release, I’ve gone into my own profile to retrieve the handful of 1024-character tales I wrote back in May. For a few weeks there, a few of us local blogging folks tried to keep to a regular schedule of Friday Ficlets. I was out of the game before June, though I believe Rusty and Seth kept on for a little bit longer.

So now they’ll live here, re-blogged each as their own post, backdated to their Ficlet birthday and marked as fiction:

If you did a few Ficlets of your own, I’d advise that you log in sooner rather than later. AOL is making it rather plain that by mid-January of next year, the creative output of several hundred writers-in-brief will vanish. Seems a shame, really.

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  • Wish the OpenID wasn’t borking so I could go in and get my stories. 😛

    I really enjoyed writing the stories and getting feedback and reading everyone else’s stories. Too bad it’s gone, but not surprising. I mean, we weren’t using it anymore.

  • Max

    I’m sure that many Ficlets fans are sad that is no more. We are in the process of constructing a site that might be helpful for them. It’s not a replacement for Ficlets, but it’s a clean start and we’ll build the site based on the feedback we get from the online community. Please give it a try and let us know what we can do to make it fit your needs.
    You can also get more information at our Blurbtree FAQ.