How Who Happened

People have asked for my opinion on the new Doctor (#11), the replacement planned for Series 6 which debuts in 2010. (Sadly, the BBC did not take my earlier suggestion.)

The actor in question is a guy named Matt Smith. Now, I’ve not seen a single film or television episode in his repetoire. I’ve read that he’s acted alongside Billie Piper (who played Who companion, Rose Tyler) in two instances, but so have a lot of other people. He’s younger than any other actor to take the role, and though it might appear that this is simply following a trend — Tennant (#10) is younger than Eccleston (#9), Eccleston was younger than McGann (#8), McGann was younger than McCoy (#7) — the age of the actor chosen for the role has risen and fallen often over the show’s 40 year history.

And while it is somewhat interesting that this fellow shares a surname with one of The Doctor’s Earth-bound aliases, I’d hope that it would take more than just being a “Smith” to catch such a plum role.

And already, the rumors are flying about his possible companion. Pop star Lily Allen is in that mix, but that can’t be serious, can it? A possibility from the betting pools (at 14/1) is an actress named Kimberly Nixon, who is right about the same age as Smith.

So why pick Matt Smith? Well, he’s a bit on the emo side. He’s trendilly thin and he’s got this messed-up, bed-head of lanky hair. And check out the pale skin, the lantern jaw, the deep-set eyes … you know, he looks almost …

Oh. Oh, no.

I think I see what happened here.

(Context … like you need it, really.)

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  1. oh, no. I … no, I can’t say it.

    I hear he has some chops. But if he’s not going to talk timey-wimey or be fascinated with remarkable species… is he going to SMILE? That is the worst promo picture.

    But if he is a Vampire, that would explain how they’re going to extend his life without running out of incarnations. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    TARDIS–the real star.

    Ok, I’m done for now.

  2. Hmm.

    “As soon as Matt walked through the door and blew us away with a bold and brand new take on the Time Lord, we knew we had our man.”

    With 10 predecessors, how much different (i.e. “bold and brand new”) can he be while still staying true to the franchise?

    I just don’t know, and I guess nobody will til next year. Or is that two years with US distribution?

  3. When we heard the news, we made a point to watch the series he did in ’07 called “Party Animals.” He wasn’t nearly as emo as you make him out to be in that, although he also was not the “main character” as it’s more of an ensemble-type thing. I’ll miss David Tenant, but am willing to give the new guy a shot.

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