Terror of the Kittehcorns

I appreciate the fact that Russell T. Davies managed to resurrect one of my favorite television shows of all time, and did this on such a grand scale that Doctor Who is perhaps more popular now than any other time in its four decade history.

But please, Russell. Enough is enough. Show running might be your calling in life, but script-writing is not. Case in point …

Executive Producer and Head Writer Russell T. Davies reveals that the forthcoming Doctor Who special Planet Of The Dead will serve as an “antidote” to recent adventures.

The departing showrunner told Doctor Who Magazine: “After the events of Journey’s End and The Next Doctor I think it’s time to get away from the past and have an adventure with lots of new elements. And lots of fun too!

“The next Special should be a nice antidote to Christmas, with a bit of sunshine if we’re lucky. And with not one but two alien races that you’ve never seen before.”

Oh. Great. A wee bit o’ sunshine. Maybe one of the alien races will look like leprechauns. Or, as Alyssa suggested, they’ll look like kittens with unicorn horns.

Update: Behold, the next great Doctor Who alien threat …

Courtesy of Alyssa.

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