More From the Director’s Vlog – Time Flies and Fair Is Foul

My experiments in vlogging continue.

I’m using a borrowed Kodak Zi6, a decent little handheld that does 720p. That might be more definition than anyone needs, particularly since I’m still getting used to shooting myself. With each subsequent video, I’m managing less all-chin-all-the-time content.

If I didn’t have a show in the works for North Fulton Drama Club, I wouldn’t be doing this. I love my day-to-day life, but nobody needs to watch me as I contemplate what to make for dinner or when next to mow the lawn. But when I have a project on my plate like Macbeth, my life gets a bit more interesting. When else would I get to film friends new and old as they learn to fight one another on stage? Also, this is a perfect way to share both the thrill and the anxiety of producing not just theatre, but Shakespearean theatre done outdoors.

In the first video, I covered fight choreography. In the second, I cover a week and a half of rehearsal, hopefully showing just how much can develop in such a short amount of time.

Director’s Vlog – August 31 through September 11, 2009 – Time Flies from Thomas Strickland on Vimeo.

And in the third, I start the week with a North Georgia roadtrip and end the week with a torrential downpour.

Director’s Vlog – September 14 through September 17, 2009 – Fair Is Foul from Thomas Strickland on Vimeo.

For the curious, we did manage to open Macbeth on Friday night to a sizable and appreciative crowd. Saturday night was less successful, as the rain was just too insistent for us to push beyond intermission. We run for two more weeks, starting again tomorrow night. The weather predictions for the week have been dire, particularly in light of the floods that plagued North Georgia on Monday … and yet the sun is shining this morning.

So maybe we’ll get lucky. Or maybe some of my actors will pray once again to Saints Barbara and Genesius. Either way, I’ll take whatever break we can get.

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