Revisiting The Wrath

In 2009, I threw together a mix inspired by Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreaks. Here’s what I said then:

I couldn’t dismiss it entirely. I left it on my iPod, letting shuffle find tracks on occasion and usually letting them play out. I started to think of it as a friend going through a rough patch. Even with the misplaced emotions, the production values were still incredibly high, so 808s could put on a brave sonic face. Basically, I couldn’t abandon it, but I knew it needed time to itself. Maybe 808s needed therapy? Then I thought, maybe what poor little 808s needs isn’t therapy, but some good company. 808s needs musical friends. And maybe a new voice to vent some frustrations.

Two years later, I’ve taken a scalpel to the original mix, nixed some fluff, maybe made it better, and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

Source Tracks, revised:

  1. “Heartless” – Kanye West
  2. “I Want To Be Your Man” – Zapp & Roger
  3. “Heartbreaker (Part I, Part II)” – Zapp & Roger
  4. “I Just Realized (Tom Moulton Mix)” – The Brand New Heavies
  5. “Amazing” – Kanye West
  6. “No One’s Gonna Love You (Blackbeard Rework)” – Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators
  7. “Love Lockdown” – Kanye West
  8. “They Were Lyin’” – Ayah
  9. “Brave New World” – The Foreign Exchange
  10. “Paranoid” – Kanye West
  11. “Star Trek: The Next Generation (Main Title) – Jerry Goldsmith
  12. “Green Light” – John Legend (featuring Andre 3000)
  13. “Say You Will” – Kanye West
  14. “Sick” – Sam Sparro
  15. “Everywhere” – Common (featuring Martina Topley)
  16. “That Girl” – Esthero

(Also, various sounds from ST:TNG and Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan. Of course.)

Who knows … it might be time to try something similar with Kanye’s latest …

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