Torchwood – Miracle Day (Somewhat Improved)

So Torchwood is coming back, and this time on Starz. Yay? The first poster was revealed a few weeks ago, looking like something that a Bullwinkle villain would design. Boris!

A second poster has surfaced, this time with more of what one might expect from a Torchwood revival. In other words, it’s got Captain Jack on it. And a very Captain Jack tagline: “Death is not an option.” (Yes. We know. Hence the ever-present Harkness I’ll-outlive-you-all-so-alone man-pain.)

But perhaps there are better taglines.

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  1. Torchwood is an adult spin-off from the BBC’s Doctor Who, comparable to The X-Files or possibly Fringe. A team of investigators led by a man who cannot die (Captain Jack Harkness) is charged with tracking alien activity and technology from their HQ in Cardiff, Wales.

    Is it good? Yes, provided you take it as a kind of sci-fi melodrama instead of a straight-up action series. And it helps if you’ve seen a few episodes of Doctor Who, particularly those that introduce Harkness.

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