The Anatomy of an Eleuke Peanut

I own a ukulele now. A couple of hours in, I know about four chords and can plonk my way through a stumbly cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.” I call that progress.

But here’s the thing … This ukulele, the Eleuke Peanut, it has an earphone output, an MP3 input and a 1/4″ output jack. One of these is obvious, but the other two …

So here’s how it goes: In this photo, starting around 10 o’clock, we have an earphone jack (an output). Next, counter-clockwise, we have the MP3 input. Then at the bottom of the ukulele, we’ve the most obvious output … a 1/4″ to-amplifier jack in the strap knob.

And now you know.

One response to “The Anatomy of an Eleuke Peanut”

  1. Many thanks for this information. I just bought the Peanut today and realised there were no instructions included. It took me a little while to realise where the 1/4 inch  jack was, then I I had to test which of the small sockets was for the earphones. You’ve cleared that up for me with simple sentences – thanks again. Now to find “Creep” and learn four chords too … 

    Tobias (in Australia)

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