The Day After and Ever After

Here’s the deal.

America didn’t die last night. Nor did we elect Jesus Christ himself.

The election was not a travesty, nor was it a tent revival.

What happen’d last night was the results of months, years of work at multiple levels, because that’s how Presidential campaigns work. They’re the ultimate examples of long games. And in the end, the multiple gambles in one long game outplayed the chances took by the other. So it goes.

The lesson learned from last night? Math is a mighty thing, particularly when the figures in those formulas are representative of the ever-changing American public. And that public is a fact. From time to time, it looks like that public is distracted by scandal. Or gaffes. Or pop stars.

But at the end of the day, they are just trying to get by. Just trying to be happy. Just trying to be. And they’re real.

And if you pay attention to them, you can predict how they’ll make decisions that affect their ability to be. That’s what Nate Silver did. He just paid attention and put people behind all of the numbers.

Nobody voted for the President because they expect a free toaster.
Nobody voted for the Governor because they love money over people.

So no. America didn’t die.

America worked as designed.

And our President won a 2nd term.

Because of people.

Real people.

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