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The 100 Things, Revisited

Back in May 2003, I was eager to participate in all manner of Internet activity that could even possibly be construed as community-based, even potentially so. The Internet had given me so much even then and I just wanted to hug it. So I participated in occasional things like Heather Champ’s Mirror Project (which I […]

The Most Glamorous Timelord, Ever

Mary Tamm. Still the most glamorous Timelord, ever. I remember watching the “Key To Time” episodes from Who’s season 16 when I was a teenager, delayed a number of years from their original broadcast thanks to GPTV’s erratic acquisition of new or unseen Who episodes. Romana, if I’m honest entirely, struck my teenaged mind in […]

The Bond Movie I Want To See

This morning, the teaser for Skyfall was posted to Metafilter. I watched it. Then dove into the comments. Along the way, someone said this. All of the Bonds in one film? I’d watch that. That reminded me of something that’s been sitting at the back of my mind for years. I shared this idea with […]

1982: Thirty Years Ago

Thirty years ago this week, I turned ten. I’d learned the word “decade” a few weeks earlier, so I imagine I tormented many a questioning adult thusly. “Happy Birthday! How old are you?” “A decade.” To my parents, a look, maybe a phrase like “He’s a character, all right.” President Reagan was in office and […]

The Anatomy of an Eleuke Peanut

I own a ukulele now. A couple of hours in, I know about four chords and can plonk my way through a stumbly cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.” I call that progress. But here’s the thing … This ukulele, the Eleuke Peanut, it has an earphone output, an MP3 input and a 1/4″ output jack. One […]

Kickstarted and Featured!

If you missed it, NFDC has launched its first-ever Kickstarter campaign. And now, we’re featured on the Metafilter-curated page!

Occupy #Other!

The Shorty Awards has an Other category. Sounds like the perfect award for me. Nominate Thomas L. Strickland for a social media award in the Shorty Awards

Nobody’s Top Ten But Mine (for 2011)

Every year, I do one of these top ten lists. Or a top fifteen. I try to play the critic and justify my choices with a range of reasons from erudite to ridiculous. This year, I think I’m suffering the same critical fatigue as the rest of the Internet-aware world — which I suppose is […]

Snapshots from a Beta Test

Star Wars Galaxies – Beta Testing, a set on Flickr. In 2003, I beta-tested Star Wars Galaxies, the first MMO set in the Lucas-built world of my youth’s fascination. Set in a period between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, players could make their way in various worlds as pistoleers, as crafters, even […]

Yes, You Can Spotify On Your Kindle Fire

If you search for Spotify via the app store on your brand new Kindle Fire, the predictive text will suggest “spotify” and “spotify app.” However, the results display only Pandora, Rdio, a collection of songs from Glee and Cut The Rope. However, you can use Spotify on your Kindle Fire. See? Now, how did I […]