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I debated about whether or not I could contribute anything further to the post-SoCon ’09 conversation. I was there to absorb and learn, after all. And yet, there was something … But first, a story. I moved to Atlanta during the same year I started spending more and more time online. As much as I […]

Thou Shalt Have Thy LOLs

Coming Soon (January 2009), originally uploaded by northfultondramaclub. So, I’m in a play. Not directing this time. I’m in this one. Playing a part I should know well enough: myself. The show is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) — basically, all 37 plays performed by three actors in about 90 minutes. My co-stars […]

Four Years Later: Where Are They Now?

Four years ago this week, the Atlanta Journal Constitution saw fit to include a profile of Atlanta’s northerly suburban bloggers in their newly introduced Northside supplement. I was one of them (though in retrospect, their selection process was sketchy at best). The Northside supplement is no longer with us (neither is the online version of […]

Tampa In Three Topics

We spent last weekend in Tampa. Previously, I’ve posted about our visit to MOSI and to Tarpon Springs. For everyone’s convenience, I have broken down some other parts our brief vacation into a handful of topics. For no reason at all, let us start with … Books. We had no car (see Planes), so for […]


(You know, like that Beyoncé song …) Once again, the inhabitants of our Gold Dome make us all so very proud to make our homes and livings in the great state of Georgia. SB59. It doesn’t have a fancy little catch name yet, just the unwieldy filing title of “Social Networking Website; illegal for owner […]

Thinking Outside The List, Take One (Battles)

Everybody is putting out lists of bests for 2007 (here’s one, here, here’s another, and here’s still another), and it looks like we’ll have more bests this year amongst our merry band of local bloggers than previously. This pleases me to no end, and not just because seeing other people making lists contributes to the […]

Water Snitchery

Had to play the snitch this weekend. We were heading west on 120, Marietta Highway, and our reaction to what we saw was immediate and unanimous. The instant the three of us — Nikki was driving, Alyssa was along as well — saw a row of sprinklers blasting full on at the shopping center where […]

Not To Mention The Trees

As Rusty has pointed out, Atlanta has yet another new slogan. Forget all that “Opening Day” nonsense and start ordering your “City Lights, Southern Lights” commemorative koozies. Of course, what you don’t know is that “ATL” — Dallas Austin’s classic tribute in song to our fair city — is due for replacment as well. It’s […]

Rooftop And Ringo

Over a year ago, I posted a link on MetaFilter to Project Rooftop. It’s sort of like Project Runway, only for comic book superheroes. Basically, up-and-coming artists offer their takes on well-established icons … like Black Canary here. Cute, eh? The only bad thing about Project Rooftop is how infrequently it updates. Let’s talk about […]

Rufus Wainwright at The Tabernacle (Review)

I’ve seen Rufus Wainwright three times over his career. The first was back in 1998, I believe, at the Variety Playhouse. Imogen Heap opened, before she reinvented herself. With only a single major label album to his credit, he ran through his self-titled debut perfectly. The set was peppered with hints of things to come, […]