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A Children’s Sermon, Interrupted

I ingratiated myself with the District Superintendent entirely by accident. I was observant, merely. It was an event for the DS to arrive at our little church, so small that our pastor was shared with another house of worship some five or six miles away. As I understood it, the DS was a bigger minister […]

What’s Wrong With Comics In ‘08?

Some of you might’ve noticed a distinct lack of comic book posts lately. In fact, it’s been about three months since the last one. I haven’t offered a reason why, though I’ve felt the compulsion to do so. After all, when someone is such a positive advocate of something, as I have been about comics, […]

Reworking Wonder

Eleven months ago, I posted about how so many mainstream authors were stepping into the comic book arena. In particular, the post was all about how Jodi Picoult was stepping in to write for DC’s Wonder Woman. Well, a few months later, we saw how big of an out-of-character trainwreck that turned out to be. […]