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The Bond Movie I Want To See

This morning, the teaser for Skyfall was posted to Metafilter. I watched it. Then dove into the comments. Along the way, someone said this. All of the Bonds in one film? I’d watch that. That reminded me of something that’s been sitting at the back of my mind for years. I shared this idea with […]

Yes, You Can Spotify On Your Kindle Fire

If you search for Spotify via the app store on your brand new Kindle Fire, the predictive text will suggest “spotify” and “spotify app.” However, the results display only Pandora, Rdio, a collection of songs from Glee and Cut The Rope. However, you can use Spotify on your Kindle Fire. See? Now, how did I […]

Gear Up for Steve Jobs Day

Steve Jobs has had a marked influence on your life. You resisted him for years. You’re no fanboy, never a fangirl. Computers are tools, devices are merely those things that get you through the day. There is no place in your busy, very practical life for frippery. And yet … Look in your purse, there’s […]

Torchwood – Miracle Day (Somewhat Improved)

So Torchwood is coming back, and this time on Starz. Yay? The first poster was revealed a few weeks ago, looking like something that a Bullwinkle villain would design. Boris! A second poster has surfaced, this time with more of what one might expect from a Torchwood revival. In other words, it’s got Captain Jack […]

Is Twitter Killing My Blog?

It’s a good question. I’m not the first to ask and I won’t be the last. As kind of an object lesson, I’m posting this entry from my Blackberry. I can remember thinking all I really needed to become a more prolific blogger was a more portable, more immediate platform. Something that would put some […]

WiFi Cat

I would buy two of these. No lie.


I debated about whether or not I could contribute anything further to the post-SoCon ’09 conversation. I was there to absorb and learn, after all. And yet, there was something … But first, a story. I moved to Atlanta during the same year I started spending more and more time online. As much as I […]

Terror of the Kittehcorns

I appreciate the fact that Russell T. Davies managed to resurrect one of my favorite television shows of all time, and did this on such a grand scale that Doctor Who is perhaps more popular now than any other time in its four decade history. But please, Russell. Enough is enough. Show running might be […]

From Questionable Juniorization To Unfilmable Princesses

So I was having a perfectly normal and casual chat-thing with the Youth Librarian, when out of nowhere I get an email announcing auditions for an upcoming production of something called Mulan, Jr. Now, I’ve heard of other productions that have been made kid-friendly and given a “Jr.” title like Les Miserables, Jr. or Rent, […]

How Who Happened

People have asked for my opinion on the new Doctor (#11), the replacement planned for Series 6 which debuts in 2010. (Sadly, the BBC did not take my earlier suggestion.) The actor in question is a guy named Matt Smith. Now, I’ve not seen a single film or television episode in his repetoire. I’ve read […]