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Doctor Hugh

I’ve decided that there is really only one person to take over the Doctor Who role. Hugh Laurie. If for nothing else than to watch the heads of clueless fanboys explode in righteous indignation at the casting of an American actor, only to have their shame further deepened by learning that he’s really very, very […]

Behold, The Chronophage

It’s coming. For all of us. Really.

Please Tilt Your Head 90 Degrees to The Left

Otherwise, you might not get the full effect of this bit of video that Nikki took over the weekend. We visited Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry. I’ve some photos of my own, but Nikki has beat me to the punch on getting them online. One of the exhibits was called “Disasterville” and it was […]

If I Wrote Fan-Fiction, This Is What I Would Write

I could never write fan-fiction about a single television series or one particular book. Where’s the fun in that? No, I’d have to write nothing but cross-overs. So if I had the time and inclination, I’d write something like this: Quantum Leap / Enterprise This one writes itself, doesn’t it? The final episode of Enterprise […]

A Ficlet Of My Imagination

The hardest part of writing a Ficlet isn’t the writing. The challenge lies in the editing. 1024 characters doesn’t give one much room for rambling, redundancy and so on. I love so many words, often for the way they sound one after another as much as for their meanings. Writing in a limited space goes […]

Vale, Vox. Salve, Tumblr.

I’ve had a Vox blog for about a year and a half. I didn’t need another blog, but I was fascinated by the advertised “LiveJournal-for-Grownups” that Vox was meant to be. It would have all of the social interactivity, little or none of the bad design and clique-fueled drama. Seemed like a good idea. So […]

Game In Stone

I’m not buying a PlayStation 3. Not today, tomorrow or anytime soon. And yet, I am loving this international print campaign (developed by BBDO Chile). Sure, there’s a “boy” version, but this “girl” version is so much better. Why? The boy looks like he’s just playing. The girl looks like she’s winning. (Found on JoyStiq.)

On Design, Rebuilding and Audio-Surfing

Dieter Rams was director of design at Braun from 1962 to 1995. He designed watches, clock radios, cigarette lighters and countless other products, and all according to his own ten principles of design. Good design is innovative. Good design makes a product useful. Good design is aesthetic. Good design helps us to understand a product. […]

Still Alive

Really. Just been so busy. (Doing science, of course.) We spent the weekend in New Jersey. For the first time, I arrived at Newark Airport for the sole purpose of visiting the state that hosts it, rather than just using it as an often cheaper access point for New York City or even Philadelphia. (And […]

Kindling: An Imagined Conversation

Person 1: Hey. Person 2: Hey, how’ve you been? Person 1: I’m great. Just finished reading a great book on my Kindle. You ought to read it sometime. Person 2: Oh? Cool. Can I borrow it? Person 1: Yeah. About that … I can’t. Person 2: Can’t what? Can’t let me borrow the awesome book? […]