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Thou Noble Upright Truthful Sincere

I don’t know what your Valentine got you for Valentine’s Day. I just know that mine got me Final Fantasy III for the DS. Because she’s awesome like that, you see. Me? I got her a neat-looking bag that she’s been wanting for a little while Maybe she’ll post about it later and show it […]

Thy Good Intent

The holiday is here. It’s cool to dismiss Valentine’s Day as just another Hallmark high-mark on the calendar. Some hate the 14th of February outright. But why? Leave the date alone. It did nothing to hurt you. You say you’ve got no date? You say you’ve no bouquet of flowers? Then go out and find […]

Thy Tousled Hair

Or maybe I was wrong … Even though “My Funny Valentine” was written by Rodgers & Hart for the stage production of Babes In Arms … and even though the character on stage later played by Judy Garland in the movie sings the song on stage to the character on stage later played by Mickey […]

Thy Vacant Brow

What’s the first line of “My Funny Valentine?” It starts with the title, right? My … funny valentine … sweet, comic valentine … Wrong. The song was written for Babes In Arms by the songwriting team of Rodgers & Hart. In the 1939 Busby Berkeley film of the same name, 17-year old Judy Garland sings […]

The Resolution Mix

We’re a week and a day into the new year. So where are my resolutions? Shouldn’t there be a posted list for all to see? I suppose there ought to be one, but I’m not doing it. What resolutions I’m making are simple enough for me to remember without listing, and personal enough to document […]

The Jackpot Question

No more carols. No more heralds. The stockings are no longer hung by the chimney, if ever they were at all. Some lights will still twinkle on porches and eaves, but most of the trimmings have made their way back into storage. And the tree is either out on the curb, pointlessly waiting for a […]

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas …

The Night Before … Originally uploaded by grabbingsand. … and over there on the couch, Neither creature was stirring, Except maybe Daeva … Who always seems to know psychically when a camera of any kind is trained upon her furry person. Her brother, on the other hand, could sleep through anything. And so, we have […]

The Xmas Mix for 2006

This weekend, we threw a little party for the Drama Club folks. Funny, but it took an email from one of our actors to make us realize that in less than a year, Drama Club has grown from a simple idea to an entity that actually meritted a holiday party. Two shows done, two more […]

Young Master Waits

Los Angeles. August 12, 1973. A 23-year old veteran of the US Coast Guard chats in studio with the husband-and-wife hosts of KPFK‘s FolkScene radio show. He’s been playing out every Monday night at the Troubadour since 1971. His debut album sits fresh on record store shelves, but few will find it. Most folks outside […]

The Phrase Has Failed

Didn’t I say this already? Yes. I did. Only this time, the phrase has been phased out officially. When revisionism fails to work, then a change of language is in order. I wish other issues were so linguistically manageable. When next my kitchen sink is clogged, I could just say that my drain is just […]