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Muxing About

So … I made one of those MuxTapes. Tony — an inspiration to all, living or dead — made one a few weeks ago, so it was just a matter of time before I made my own attempt. How was it? Not bad, though I’m not sure if I’ll be doing another anytime soon. The […]

Obscuriosity: Week 5 (High Nineties)

(Didn’t think I forgot, did you?) It’s been a week or so since the demise of local radio giant, 99X. To be sure, the giant had fallen into a deep, deep slumber a few years back. The coma left the giant doing little but muttering remembered songs from the station’s glory days. Inevitably, if you […]

Obscuriosity: Week 4 (Here I Am)

Drove downtown in the rain. 9:30 on a Tuesday night. Or 10:30. Or 11:30. That used to be my thing, just like that Barenaked Ladies song. Especially after I moved to Atlanta in 1995. Not knowing anyone aside from some near-flung college friends already getting along with their adult lives, I’d temper my loneliness with […]

Obscuriosity: Week 3 (Something Going Wrong Around Here)

I have only two Joe Jackson CDs. Both are part of a set, so really, I own but one Joe Jackson release. You remember Joe Jackson, right? Not to be confused with the domineering patriarch of the Jackson Family, this Joe Jackson had his first real hit in 1982 with “Steppin’ Out.” I was ten […]

Obscuriosity: Week 2 (Double Shot of First Tracks)

When you lose something, you want to replace it. That’s how a lot of music fans felt about Stevie Ray Vaughan. When he died in 1990, the big question was understandable: “Who’s going to replace him?” The truth, of course, is that nobody did and won’t ever. However, music fans can be irrational and will […]

Obscuriosity: Week 1

I gave some thought to diving into the daily responsibility of Project 365. That’s the group on Flickr where you take a photo a day, like David does. Even more challenging is the group that Amber belongs to, the one that pledges to post a daily self-portrait. My finger hovered over the trigger, but I […]