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That 2008-In-Review Questionnaire (Meme)Meme Thing

Nikki did it. So did Sara. And Amber. So I might as well. What did you do in 2008 that you have never done before? Successfully piloted a pontoon boat, thus justifying my hard-earned Tennessee Boating License. As the son of a tourney-winning fisherman, this was much like taking up an ancestral mantle. Seriously. How […]

No Alarms And No Surprises

It’s been awhile since I got my meme on, so I’m picking up one from Alyssa* and seeing where it goes. Based on a familiar list of 17 issues questions, each one weighted from care to not, this quiz purports to play matchmaker with one’s dream candidate. Here’s how I turned out: 88% Chris Dodd85% […]

The Daemon Meme

This is tech week for Much Ado About Nothing, so posting will be lighter than usual. As such, you can expect posts like this one. Memes, perhaps. At least this meme is associated with what might turn out to be a somewhat worthwhile film (based upon a series of incredibly worthwhile books). I can has […]

That Soundtrack Meme

How old is this one? Eons. And yet, I’ve never. Kelly just did. So I will. You know the drill. Set the iPod on Shuffle. Match the songs that surface against an arbitrary list of life events prescribed my some immortal demigod of bloggery, his or her name lost to the broken links of time. […]