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Missionary Ridge Radio / Episode 6 – I Want To Do Right, But Not Right Now

This week, we’re taking a little road trip around these United States. State to state by way of songs with states in the title. Gimmicky, sure, but it’ll be worth your while. So come on …

Missionary Ridge Radio / Episode 5 – Let’s Go Dancin’ In The Light

Just hours before the 2nd presidential debate, Missionary Ridge Radio offers a break from the storm of ridiculousness with a stack of cover songs. Country folks doing pop songs. Pop folks doing country songs. Come on along … let’s go dancin’ in the light before it gets too dark.

Missionary Ridge Radio / Episode 4 – Keep Your Sweet Talk

Tonight’s theme: I was challenged to find a stack of country songs “where the wages of female ambition” aren’t doom and more doom, plus even more doom. Well, you can’t really have country songs (or county-like songs) without a fair amount of impending doom, so here’s a bunch of brilliant songs by women.

Missionary Ridge Radio / Episode 3 – Hey, Jesus … It’s Me

Why are there so many (country) songs about Jesus, and whether or not He’d be our Buddy? In this episode, Missionary Ridge Radio covers a lot of theological ground, from Jesus The Capricorn to Jesus The Placekicker to The Jesus Who Lives In My Television. On either side of this devotional block, we listen to […]