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2010 Sounded Like This (Alot)

2010 was a strange and busy year, but the music was quite good. 15. Sensual Harrassment – Alpha Draconis. This is such a glorious throwback of an EP. Do you like Joy Division? Miss The Smiths? Well, then half of this release is for you. The other half is kind of dance-y, sort of Radiohead-y. […]

Why Prince Is Leaving You, Internet

The Internet is dead, says Prince. And in response, the Internet protests. But methinks the Internet doth protest too much. In 1997, Prince — or rather, O(+> — started promoting Crystal Ball via The online sale of Crystal Ball was an “xperiment in truth” … “no charts, no royalty disputes, no returns, no arguing […]

2009 Sounded Like This

The end of the year brings lists and this is mine. I fell behind on my reading and darkened the door of few movie houses, so this list of fifteen will focus on the sounds of 2009 as I heard them. 15. Jon Hopkins – Insides. Almost as good as 2007’s Untrue from Burial. Almost. […]

The Top Twenty Albums of 2008 (10 through 6)

Ever closer, we’re counting on down … Jeff Hanson – Madam Owl John Legend – Evolver TV On The Radio – Dear Science, Erykah Badu – New Amerykah, Part One (4th World War) Raphael Saadiq – The Way I See It

The Top Twenty Albums of 2008 (15 Through 11)

The list continues. Al Green – Lay It Down Flying Lotus – Los Angeles Murs – Murs for President Danielia Cotton – Rare Child Keziah Jones – Nigerian Wood

The 2008 Grammy Nom Nom Noms (Part One)

There are 110 statues in play for 2008. 2008, by Grammy definition, runs from the first of October 2007 to the last day of September 2008. Every year, I look at the big list and think about doing some predictions, but then I get all caught up in the need to support each educated guess […]

The Top Twenty Albums of 2008 (20 Through 16)

Once again, I’m taking up the critic’s mantle. For no other reason than the fact that I can, I’m looking back at 2008’s musical offerings to determine those I find worthy of being called The Best. And so, here begins my list of The Top Twenty Albums of 2008 … starting with the bottom five. […]