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Another Six Keys

Inspired by Jeff Hilimire’s post about keys to being excellent at anything — which was itself inspired by the Harvard Business Review’s own Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything — I’ve compiled my own set of keys. These are more general, less about becoming awesome at one thing in particular and more about just […]

Cold Callers And The Occasional Perils Of Assumption

I have no love for cold callers. You know them by their anonymity, when the Caller ID offers an unhelpful “Unknown Number” or “Unknown Caller.” Their timing is usually quite charming, like when you’re about to sit down for dinner, or when they call on Saturday morning, before even the coffee has time to finish […]

Consider The Hybrid

Today, I need audience participation. Put your thinking caps on and get ready to comment. We’re in the market for a new car. The Honda CRV has been the object of our occasional affection for over a year, but the more we consider the prospect, the less we’re able to justify our owning an SUV. […]

A Carol For Spring

Sing it with me now … It’s the most, horrible time of the year! With co-workers all sneezing, And everyone wheezing, “My eyesight’s not clear!” It’s the most, horrible time of the year! It’s the crap-crapiest season of all, With prescription refillings and insurance billings, Oh, how I wish it were fall! It’s the crap-crapiest […]

Considerata Dentata Addenda

As I rounded out my lunch, I pulled an apple from my bag. I turned it over in my hand until I found the inevitable sticker. Even organic fruit gets stickers. This one proclaimed an origin of Yakima, Washington. Cameo apples aren’t my favorite, but then, my favorite local apples have been curtailed by drought […]

On Dungeons, Dragons, Imagination, Religion and Me

Gary Gygax is dead. He created Dungeons & Dragons in 1974. I never met him. But I owe him a debt of gratitude that requires some explanation. When I was a teenager, I was into Christian Rock up to my elbows. The genre seemed a reasonable compromise between the music I wanted to hear and […]

Considerata Dentata

Things I expect my dentist to tell me this afternoon: You need to floss more. No doubt. Everybody needs to floss more. I guess there are a handful of folks who floss and floss like there is no tomorrow, but I suspect that such people are usually avoided in social settings because of their overall […]

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

Thank God for my iPod. Without it, I’d have to hear the noise of The World’s Loudest Vacuum Cleaner. As it is, I have Alice Smith cranked up to the stratosphere, and that’s better by far. Why is The World’s Loudest Vacuum here? Good question. And while I’m not going to say out right why, […]

Happy Valentino’s Day?

Hydrogenated Whatseed?

Nutter Butter Bites, Now With …, originally uploaded by grabbingsand. We’ve been paying closer attention to what we eat these days. As a result, even the ingredient list on a lowly bag of Nutter Butter Bites is worthwhile reading material. Of course, I didn’t expect to find such … well … violent content. (You’re probably […]