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The Hamper Light Box

Hamper Light Box – More DIY How To Projects I made this.

How Not To Fry A Turkey

… and still emerge unscathed. (A photographic journey.) Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. And after all that waiting, the bird was quite tasty. I’d made the joke about halfway through that unless our luck improved, we wouldn’t be eating dinner until 2008. That wasn’t quite true. We had about twenty minutes to spare, eastern standard time.

Today Is So Very Caturday

Caturday, originally uploaded by grabbingsand. The cats have the right idea.

Jurassic Park, Sort Of

Dino & Semi Originally uploaded by grabbingsand. Spent the weekend (plus a couple of days) down in Florida, visiting with friends around Tampa. Though we didn’t make it to the beach, we’d a lovely time around the pool and eating out and about. Of course, there are a few stories of the trip down and […]

Much Ado About Much Ado

Ladies-In-Waiting Originally uploaded by grabbingsand. Three days. Three shows. Rain threatened both Friday and Saturday nights, but no matter. We made it. Decent crowds came on both nights and were treated to some exceptionally good Shakespeare. The nice thing about producing plays (and not being actually on stage) is that I can praise honestly the […]

Sky Blue Sky (With Leaves)

Sky Blue Sky (With Leaves) Originally uploaded by grabbingsand. So busy. Little time to even describe just how. Briefly, here’s the rundown. Rehearsals continue, getting better all the time. Most of our actors are off-book, mostly. Many of our costumes are in-progress or finished or acquired. Music for the show has been selected, though not […]

Yellow Shoe

Yellow Shoe Originally uploaded by grabbingsand. Curse this pollen for all it is worth. It is one thing to prevent my breathing, but could we please stop making my shoes look all jaundiced? That is all.

My Secret Revealed

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas …

The Night Before … Originally uploaded by grabbingsand. … and over there on the couch, Neither creature was stirring, Except maybe Daeva … Who always seems to know psychically when a camera of any kind is trained upon her furry person. Her brother, on the other hand, could sleep through anything. And so, we have […]

Knocking Around Hometown

Literal Sleeper Cars, II Originally uploaded by grabbingsand. Lack of Internet be damned, I’ve managed to upload, tag and label all of our photos from this past weekend’s adventure in Chattanooga — including Rock City, Lake Winnepesaukah and that damnable flat tire. Take a look and enjoy.