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Throwing Myself into The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Warning: This is less of a review and more of an outright attempt to process. As such, here be spoilers. And here be memories. And here be perhaps more than you bargained for. I believe Neil Gaiman to be one of our finest living authors. He is my favorite, certainly. I’ve read and enjoyed his […]

Epic Rivalry: A Book Review

(A review, just posted to LibraryThing, re-posted here with some minor adjusting and additions …) I’ve made a point of keeping this one within arm’s reach. If I’m making pancakes on a weekend morning, why not learn a bit about America’s pre-NASA space program at the same time? If I’m grilling a rack of turkey […]

Still Pondering Virtual Libraries

Fell behind a bit on my LibraryThing vs. GoodReads, didn’t I? Sorry about that. Though truth be told, there’s not much new on the GoodReads front. Been so busy with the play that I’ve had time to update my list only on the LibraryThing side. I suppose that betrays some appreciation, doesn’t it? But really, […]

Still Haunting Virtual Libraries

After about a week with LibraryThing and GoodReads, I’ve a few minor observations. The most obvious? I’ve more friends who use GoodReads than those on LibraryThing. But this only makes sense, as GoodReads behaves more like (and promotes itself as) a social networking hub where friends gather to talk about books, as opposed to a […]

Best Last Line Ever So Far

Phil Kloer is soldiering on. Though they’ve taken away his book-specific blog, he’s still making mostly regular posts about book-related topics in the AJC’s far more general ATLarts group blog. Today’s post is particularly good, all about American Book Review‘s listing of their top 100 last lines from novels — the list is a PDF, […]

Haunting Virtual Libraries

We love books. Too much. This is probably no secret, particularly if you’ve seen our office. And our spare bedroom. And the living room. And the foyer. But trust me when I say that the current volume of books is a major improvement over the even greater number we had when we moved into the […]

Still Alive

Really. Just been so busy. (Doing science, of course.) We spent the weekend in New Jersey. For the first time, I arrived at Newark Airport for the sole purpose of visiting the state that hosts it, rather than just using it as an often cheaper access point for New York City or even Philadelphia. (And […]

On Compasses, Moral and Golden

This is a recycled post. Or maybe a composted post. You decide. Off and on, I’ve been commenting on Phil Kloer’s book blog on the AJC. Honestly, it is the first AJC blog that didn’t leave me blind from involuntary eye-rolling. And Phil is a decent fellow besides. He interviewed me (via phone) a few […]

What’s With Lily?

(High geek content here. The Harry Potter kind. Tread carefully.) Three days and counting. I hate to admit it, but I’m looking forward to the merciful release of the final tome in the Potter septology. We’re getting our copy on Saturday, though I won’t be getting my shot at the text until after Nikki finishes […]

This Is Not An Exit

This is another sponsored post. I’ll make no bones about it, as it is what it is. So how would you go about selling an exit sign? It seems just too utilitarian to promote, doesn’t it? Who needs innovation in something so simple? You have an exit, mark it. Is is in a dark hallway […]