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The 100 Things, Revisited

Back in May 2003, I was eager to participate in all manner of Internet activity that could even possibly be construed as community-based, even potentially so. The Internet had given me so much even then and I just wanted to hug it. So I participated in occasional things like Heather Champ’s Mirror Project (which I […]

Four Years Later: Where Are They Now?

Four years ago this week, the Atlanta Journal Constitution saw fit to include a profile of Atlanta’s northerly suburban bloggers in their newly introduced Northside supplement. I was one of them (though in retrospect, their selection process was sketchy at best). The Northside supplement is no longer with us (neither is the online version of […]


Been playing a bit with a newly updated plug-in.  If it works, then you ought to be seeing album covers for the last four songs I scrobbled up to … right about now … [lastfmrecords|recenttracks|4]

Continued Rebuilding

An update of sorts. Number One. I have my original .com domain back.  Turns out there is a grace period and I was still in it.  I’m still more than a little annoyed that my registrar saw fit to allow a squatter to keep my site warm during my brief expiration period, but it is […]

Just Like Starting Over

… but not quite. I have made a tactical error, basically. Here’s what happened … When I registered so long ago, I was hosted by a friendly little company called LogJamming. It was run by two guys, just a pair of geeks who had the bandwidth. They established themselves by hosting Wil Wheaton’s blog, […]

Late Spring Link Cleaning

My blogroll has been out-of-date for months. I’m guessing this is yet another side effect (much like the recent drop in comments) of using Google Reader to keep up with various discussions and distractions. So today, I decided to compare my old blogroll with an OPML export from Google Reader. Conveniently, WordPress makes short work […]

Impending Server Nap

Got a notice from Dreamhost that the web server that hosts my blog (that’s this blog, this one right here) is going to be undergoing a physical move from one data center to another on Friday night, from 10pm PST until 6am PST the next day. In all likelihood, this isn’t going to be a […]


Updated the permalink structure for my blog. Not sure why I hadn’t before. Anywho … existing post-specific links built the old way (with “/index.php/archives/” stuck in the middle) ought to still work. I think. If not, let me know. Also, thinking about installing the WP Super Cache plug-in to try and speed things up around […]


Some twelve hours ago, we rang in the New Year. We’re some thirty miles or so outside of Nashville, enjoying time with friends (as we’ve done for Eves and Days previous). As tradition dictates, the central event of the holiday was the annual cooking of my company-issued turkey. 14 pounds this time. There’s a whole […]

Stringing Them All Along

Tony did it. Rusty did it. Amber did it. So here’s some selections from last months search strings, along with a few explanations or comments along the way. low country shrimp and grits hampton bay replacement parts – Tons of strings much like this one. Maybe 60% of them. nina simone edward gorey jaan pehechaan […]