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How Who Happened

People have asked for my opinion on the new Doctor (#11), the replacement planned for Series 6 which debuts in 2010. (Sadly, the BBC did not take my earlier suggestion.) The actor in question is a guy named Matt Smith. Now, I’ve not seen a single film or television episode in his repetoire. I’ve read […]

Doctor Hugh

I’ve decided that there is really only one person to take over the Doctor Who role. Hugh Laurie. If for nothing else than to watch the heads of clueless fanboys explode in righteous indignation at the casting of an American actor, only to have their shame further deepened by learning that he’s really very, very […]

Coming Up Next …

On New Year’s Day, Nikki and I watched a movie called Idiocracy. If you’ve seen it, bear with me. If you’ve not, let me explain. Idiocracy is a Mike Judge (Office Space, “King of the Hill”) film about an average guy who wakes up 500 years into America’s future. This future he finds, isn’t so […]

What Are You Doing In That Body?

(An addendum to the on-going Love And Doctors Who posts.) Of course, there are problems with this little sequence from season 17’s “Destiny of the Daleks.” All kinds of established canon was thrown right out the window (or perhaps, the TARDIS viewscreen). I mean, regeneration is only supposed to be a last resort, save-your-ass kind […]

On Love And Doctors Who (Part 2)

Where were we? We’ve covered the elderly First Doctor (1963-1966), the puckish Second Doctor (1966-1969) and the dandy-ish Third Doctor (1970-74). This brings us, ever so logically, to the number four. Funny how time slips away … 4. The Fourth Doctor. Tom Baker. “And now for something completely different …” A mere pup in light […]

On Love And Doctors Who (Part 1)

For the uninitiated, Doctor Who is a British television program(me) about a time-travelling fellow from the planet Gallifrey. If he has an actual name, it has never been revealed. “Who” is not his surname either. If addressed, he is simply called “Doctor” or “The Doctor” — no exceptions. He is centuries old. His time machine […]

Time And Time Again For Heroes

(If you’re watching Heroes, this post will make more sense. If you’re caught up to this week’s episode, read on. If not, you might wish to take anti-spoilery precautions, though I’ve not revealed too much. Most of this is speculation.) The trouble with time travel is causality. Causality has little mercy, so the life you […]