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Tampa In Three Topics

We spent last weekend in Tampa. Previously, I’ve posted about our visit to MOSI and to Tarpon Springs. For everyone’s convenience, I have broken down some other parts our brief vacation into a handful of topics. For no reason at all, let us start with … Books. We had no car (see Planes), so for […]

Please Tilt Your Head 90 Degrees to The Left

Otherwise, you might not get the full effect of this bit of video that Nikki took over the weekend. We visited Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry. I’ve some photos of my own, but Nikki has beat me to the punch on getting them online. One of the exhibits was called “Disasterville” and it was […]

Still Alive

Really. Just been so busy. (Doing science, of course.) We spent the weekend in New Jersey. For the first time, I arrived at Newark Airport for the sole purpose of visiting the state that hosts it, rather than just using it as an often cheaper access point for New York City or even Philadelphia. (And […]

One Guy, Many Nights

It’s Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, though it would appear that health and safety divisions are keeping a watery eye on most festivities. As I observed too briefly four years ago, Bonfire Night is becoming obsolete. Even the city of York, birthplace of the wanna-be revolutionary/terrorist, is forgoing the festivities entirely. It’s too expensive, […]

Wayback Machine – Destination: 2002

Yesterday, my iPod and my iTunes had a fight. All of the gory details are detailed elsewhere. In the end, I reinstalled iTunes, reformated my iPod and as of this morning, all is well. I’ve much fewer songs on my iPod, only the tracks I really wanted to have today, but the rest of the […]

Chicago Bound

Flight 35 to Chicago-Midway takes off in a few short hours. I’ll be on it. My hotel is right across the street from Grant Park, a few blocks south of Millennium Park and about a block or so east of Powell’s main warehouse. I’m not taking my camera this time, but if I see anything […]

Chicago Hope

Going on a business trip this week. It’s been years since I’ve traveled on my own and longer still since the last time I went on behalf of an employer. The first such trip was back during my days as a marketing data analyst for a now-defunct HMO. They sent me to Kansas City to […]

Jurassic Park, Sort Of

Dino & Semi Originally uploaded by grabbingsand. Spent the weekend (plus a couple of days) down in Florida, visiting with friends around Tampa. Though we didn’t make it to the beach, we’d a lovely time around the pool and eating out and about. Of course, there are a few stories of the trip down and […]

Little Details

So let me tell you about my day. We’re heading north this afternoon, going to visit my folks and spend the weekend in and around Chattanooga. We are meeting friends from Nashville and as I will be serving as something like a tour guide, I figured this a good enough excuse as any to have […]

What’s So Good About England?

Based on our recent trip, some observations … Tabloid-sized Newspapers. Britain’s tabloid papers are usually poor representations of journalism. Most are loaded with gossip and speculation. Most are focused on celebrity and fueled by rumour. Most are written with a sensationalism that would make a National Enquirer turn to the copy of The Star and […]