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Sit Back And Watch – NFDC’s Henry IV, Part 1

I don’t blog so much anymore. Often, I’m just too busy with another of these, another production of an out-of-the-ordinary Shakespearean play. So in light of a stack of five to ten paragraphs, here’s the video record of one such night of performance. I’m not in it, but I directed it, and I couldn’t be […]

More From the Director’s Vlog – Time Flies and Fair Is Foul

My experiments in vlogging continue. I’m using a borrowed Kodak Zi6, a decent little handheld that does 720p. That might be more definition than anyone needs, particularly since I’m still getting used to shooting myself. With each subsequent video, I’m managing less all-chin-all-the-time content. If I didn’t have a show in the works for North […]

Director’s Vlog – August 30, 2009 – Fight Call

Director’s Vlog – August 30, 2009 – Fight Call from Thomas Strickland on Vimeo.

In Leiu of An Actual Post, Some YouTubery

Yes. I still have a blog. But I’ve been a touch busy. With this play. For NFDC’s latest production — All’s Well That Ends Well — I served as the director. I am very proud of this show and its cast. Between weekend performances, we have speed-thrus. Low-key, quick runs through the show from beginning […]

But I Want His Wings

Watching a musician work magic with a sequencer isn’t new. Imogen Heap does it all the time. But there’s something very simple and lovely about the way Lou Rhodes — previously half of a duo called Lamb — goes about building her one-woman version of “Gabriel.” Especially, I like how the crowd slowly but surely […]

If Panderous Isn’t A Word, It Should Be

Senator McCain has picked Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. This strikes me as incredibly panderous, for one thing. It is as if he’s saying “See? She’s a woman! This way, you can vote for our side of the ticket and still make history!” This ignores, of course, Palin’s single term of experience as […]

Jaan Pehechaan Ho, Again

I’ve a tendency not to close my old posts. The way I see it, if someone finds something worth leaving a comment, then the age of the post really doesn’t matter. The nice reward for this is when I’m not only reminded of older topics, but inspired to do a newer post on the same […]

Not To Mention The Trees

As Rusty has pointed out, Atlanta has yet another new slogan. Forget all that “Opening Day” nonsense and start ordering your “City Lights, Southern Lights” commemorative koozies. Of course, what you don’t know is that “ATL” — Dallas Austin’s classic tribute in song to our fair city — is due for replacment as well. It’s […]

Wayback Machine – Destination: 2002

Yesterday, my iPod and my iTunes had a fight. All of the gory details are detailed elsewhere. In the end, I reinstalled iTunes, reformated my iPod and as of this morning, all is well. I’ve much fewer songs on my iPod, only the tracks I really wanted to have today, but the rest of the […]

I’ve Got An Open Door

“… it didn’t get there by itself.” From the upcoming Annie Lennox album, Songs of Mass Destruction. (Now that’s an album title.)