The Very Necessary Summeration Mix for 2013

It’s here … Tracklist: Summertime (Part 1) By Sam Cooke Streakin By The Honeydrippers Right Here Human Nature Mix By SWV Remember The Time (New Jack Radio Mix) By Michael Jackson I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) By Hall & Oates Sunrise By Simply Red I Like The Way (The Kissing Game) By […]

Throwing Myself into The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Warning: This is less of a review and more of an outright attempt to process. As such, here be spoilers. And here be memories. And here be perhaps more than you bargained for. I believe Neil Gaiman to be one of our finest living authors. He is my favorite, certainly. I’ve read and enjoyed his […]

A Children’s Sermon, Interrupted

I ingratiated myself with the District Superintendent entirely by accident. I was observant, merely. It was an event for the DS to arrive at our little church, so small that our pastor was shared with another house of worship some five or six miles away. As I understood it, the DS was a bigger minister […]

Childhood Theology

Children are little theologians, seeking and defining the gods that control the universe as they perceive it. Most of the tiny gods that made up my very own pantheon, they’re gone now. Through Knowing Better and the simple forgetfulness that keeps us all relatively sane, I ask no longer as many questions as kept my […]

Six Amazing Weeks

Three weeks of very intense rehearsal. Three weeks of nigh on to sold-out shows. I’ve never worked so hard as an actor in my whole life. And I miss it already.

That One Time When Seth Godin Was Wrong

Where to begin? I’ve an immense respect for Seth Godin. The man is a genius and has done miracles and wonders for all of us in this beautiful Information Age. And while there’ve been times when I found him a bit nebulous in his advice, I thought never to find myself opposed entirely. But here […]

The Day After and Ever After

Nobody voted for the President because they expect a free toaster.
Nobody voted for the Governor because they love money over people.

The Lodge On Parade

1953 – Parade – Grand Lodge of Kentucky #746 (Latonia), a set on Flickr. I purchased a box of slides at an estate sale some weeks ago. I scanned them and uploaded them to Flickr, but didn’t share them too much. I don’t know details about the where and when, only that this is a […]

Looks and Sounds Like Hamlet

We’re in the last few weeks of rehearsal for Hamlet. As is our custom, we’ve decided against the tights and codpieces of so-called Original Practiceâ„¢ and opted for a more modern take. This time, we’re fast-forwarding all the way to 1994, which just happens to be the year I graduated from college. So it is […]

Amazon Cloudburst (aka “Nice MP3s Ya Got Here, Hate To See Somethin’ Happen to Em”)

I’ve been staring at my screen for about an hour, keeping this one tab open behind others. I check the news, look at Metafilter, refresh my email, then I come back to the tab in question. At the center of the tab is an implied question. Or a decision. Actually, it is neither of these. […]