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Ficlet: New Arrival

“Are you sure I’m supposed to be here?” They come looking for permission or confirmation. Receiving either according to their own desires, the new arrivals would nod silently to themselves, then shuffle on through the awaiting gates. Nobody was turned away, not having come this far. And so, the man in the white sport coat […]

Ficlet: His Morning Jacket

April was always so cruel, signaling soon he’d have to leave his lucky jacket at home. That jacket was his armor, his security blanket. But only teens and punks can get away with leather in the summer. Grown men? No, lest they become “that guy.” But this morning was too brisk to go without. He […]

Ficlet: Franchisement

Written as a Ficlet sequel for A Loaded Gun in the Mailbox by Will Hindmarch. The original Ficlet ended thusly: He goes inside, past his wife, who’s doing dishes, and gets the phone. He dials 911. She asks what’s wrong. “There’s a hand holding a gun in our mailbox,” he says. “Finally,” she says. “… […]

Ficlet: Yesterday Girl

Inspired by this Ficlets-provided phrase: Sunshine flooded in the room… Sunshine flooded into the room. It collected in pools at her bare feet and washed against the nightstand. Quietly, she stood and stepped to the window. A downtown, by looks and sound. Car horns and sirens offered clues. But today’s geography lesson would have to […]