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Jobs I’ve Had – Book Slinger

(Cross-posted as a comment in this MeFi thread.) I worked for Waldenbooks when I was in college. My store was one of two such franchises in Hamilton Place Mall, the first two-story mall built in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The upstairs store was closer to the food court, which might’ve been why we experienced more teenager traffic […]

Jobs I’ve Had – Waiting At The Hut

I was never cut out to be a good waiter. So while I’ve had a number of different jobs, only one of them involved taking orders by hand and picking up tips. Like I said before, I followed a decent manager from a fast food job to a somewhat slower food job. The Pizza Hut […]

Jobs I’ve Had – Burger King Serf

Only days after my 15th birthday, I did something stupid. I don’t remember just what stupid thing I did, but I remember the consequences. I did the stupid thing and Dad decided that it was time for me to get a job. He didn’t care what job it was, just that I got one. And […]