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Relax, It’s Only Your Future

I’m far more of a nostalgist than a futurist. My fascination with the yet-to-be has been either far-flung into the future or within the scope of a few months. That practical middle-ground of time, I’ve always thought it better left to financial oracles or mad inventors, both of which shape as much as they predict. […]

Is Twitter Killing My Blog?

It’s a good question. I’m not the first to ask and I won’t be the last. As kind of an object lesson, I’m posting this entry from my Blackberry. I can remember thinking all I really needed to become a more prolific blogger was a more portable, more immediate platform. Something that would put some […]


I debated about whether or not I could contribute anything further to the post-SoCon ’09 conversation. I was there to absorb and learn, after all. And yet, there was something … But first, a story. I moved to Atlanta during the same year I started spending more and more time online. As much as I […]