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  • That 2008-In-Review Questionnaire (Meme)Meme Thing

    Nikki did it. So did Sara. And Amber. So I might as well. What did you do in 2008 that you have never done before? Successfully piloted a pontoon boat, thus justifying my hard-earned Tennessee Boating License. As the son of a tourney-winning fisherman, this was much like taking up an ancestral mantle. Seriously. How…

  • The Top Twenty Albums of 2008 (15 Through 11)

    The list continues. Al Green – Lay It Down Flying Lotus – Los Angeles Murs – Murs for President Danielia Cotton – Rare Child Keziah Jones – Nigerian Wood

  • The 2008 Grammy Nom Nom Noms (Part One)

    There are 110 statues in play for 2008. 2008, by Grammy definition, runs from the first of October 2007 to the last day of September 2008. Every year, I look at the big list and think about doing some predictions, but then I get all caught up in the need to support each educated guess…

  • A Brighter Future In 8-Bits

    This is awesome. Click on through for the full image and the story behind it. And it goes without saying that I want this on a t-shirt. Now.