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More From the Director’s Vlog – Time Flies and Fair Is Foul

My experiments in vlogging continue. I’m using a borrowed Kodak Zi6, a decent little handheld that does 720p. That might be more definition than anyone needs, particularly since I’m still getting used to shooting myself. With each subsequent video, I’m managing less all-chin-all-the-time content. If I didn’t have a show in the works for North […]

Director’s Vlog – August 30, 2009 – Fight Call

Director’s Vlog – August 30, 2009 – Fight Call from Thomas Strickland on Vimeo.

In Leiu of An Actual Post, Some YouTubery

Yes. I still have a blog. But I’ve been a touch busy. With this play. For NFDC’s latest production — All’s Well That Ends Well — I served as the director. I am very proud of this show and its cast. Between weekend performances, we have speed-thrus. Low-key, quick runs through the show from beginning […]