Gear Up for Steve Jobs Day

Steve Jobs has had a marked influence on your life.

You resisted him for years. You’re no fanboy, never a fangirl. Computers are tools, devices are merely those things that get you through the day. There is no place in your busy, very practical life for frippery. And yet …

Look in your purse, there’s an iPod. Buzzing in your pocket is an iPhone. You desk is home to a MacBook, perhaps. And what’s that? You’re reading Goodnight, Moon to your 2.6 children … on an iPad. Oh, you tried to resist, but it was all for naught. And if you think you’ve escaped by leaping into the arms of Android, think (different) again. Without Apple, we’d all be stuck with candybar-shaped Nokias and smartphones would still be the Blackberry-esque anchors of white-collared businessmen.

So stop avoiding and just embrace it. Steve has done you a solid and it is time to give him some props. On October 14, 2011, celebrate Steve Jobs Day. Step your game up and assemble a wardrobe that only a retiring Cupertino CEO could wear.

The Mock Turtleneck. The ultimate in dress-up leisure wear, favored the world over by laid-back security guards, late-middle-aged golfers and junior high boys who want to wear something fancy for school portrait day. It’s a top that says, “Turtlenecks are just too restrictive, but I like a little fabric creeping up my neck and threatening my respiration in a non-committal fashion.” St Croix is Steve’s brand of choice, but you can probably grab a Faded Glory knockoff from Wal-Mart for a tenth the price.

Levi’s Button-fly 501 Jeans. You’ve just got to stop, stand and salute Levi’s for this singular achievement. It’s one thing to get a generation of teenagers to ask their parents for a pair of jeans that scoff at the innovative convenience of zippers, but quite another to grab and retain the brand loyalty of the ultimate brand-builder himself. Maybe he likes the buttons. Maybe they fit his posterior unlike any other jean. Maybe it is just easier to scream into an intercom. “Lackey Number One! New 501s! Stat!”

New Balance 991s. With black socks. Again, Steve is leaning into the Sunday afternoon wear of the busy church-going pre-teen. Home from morning worship, eager to get out of those dress shoes, he throws on his sneakers with total disregard for his man-hosiery. While not as egregious as sandals-with-black-socks, the look is a statement that one much needs rock with confidence … or with a substantial bankroll that leads naysayers to disregard and carry on. Why the New Balance? Had anyone ever seen Steve run from anything or anyone? Perhaps he’s like a cheetah, ready to sprint at a moment’s notice. Or maybe he’s The Flash … no. Scratch that.

Optional opportunities for assembling the Steve Jobs Look include wire-rim glasses (round for Early Steve, more rectangular for Recent Steve), a four-day growth of sage-like gray stubble and — of course — an iPhone for demonstration purposes.

Now you’re ready.

On October 14, show Steve how much you love Steve by being Steve. (RSVP on Facebook, follow the Day on Twitter and rock the #SteveJobsDay hashtag.)

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  1. Thomas, thank you for helping to spread the word. Really appreciate it and hope this can grow into the very fun thing it could be.

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